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Sale! ace of spades cufflinks
Ace of Spades Cufflinks
Ace of Spades cufflinks are perfect to the blackjack or poker enthusiast. Aways have aces up your sleeves with these cufflinks. [juiz_sps buttons="facebook, twitter, google, pinterest, mail"]
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Sale! union jack cufflinks
Union Jack Cufflinks
The Union Jack has been a symbol of British heritage since the early 17th century. Union Jack cufflinks are perfect for anyone with British roots.
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Sale! Asian Dragon Cufflinks
Asian Dragon Cufflinks
[juiz_sps buttons="facebook, twitter, google, pinterest, mail"] These are beautiful black etched Asian Dragon cufflinks. If you like to express your own culture or add a culture little to your look then these Asian Dragon cufflinks will help you stand out. Many people do not know that cufflinks like this match many looks including Western/Cowboy attire.
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Sale! guitar cufflinks Canada
Guitar Cufflinks
Calgary Cufflinks Christmas 2016" Do you want a little Rock 'N Roll in your style? The only cooler statement to make for your love of music is your guitar prowess. Cufflinks show a refined style but allowing them to communicate something about you can create an instant conversation. Let these guitar cufflinks make that statement. [juiz_sps buttons="facebook, twitter, google, pinterest, mail"]
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Sale! engineers cufflinks gears Calgary
Gears and Engineers
Calgary Cufflinks Christmas 2016" Gear Cufflinks These are the perfect cufflinks for the engineer or mechanic in your family. The sprockets even turn!
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Sale! compass cufflinks Canada
Compass Cufflinks
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Compass Cufflinks

Perfect for the boy scout in all of us. These are functioning compasses built in to cufflinks. As cufflinks are fashion items please do not count on these to guide you home from a major voyage. They are, however, useful in finding the north exit of a boring party! Calgary Cufflinks Christmas 2016"
5.00 out of 5
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Sale! hand gun cufflinks
Handgun Cufflinks
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Revolver Cufflinks

These stylish black and rose gold/bronze coloured cufflinks will subtly show off you love of guns. Maybe you are a gun enthusiast who enjoys the shooting range or you are a competitive shooter. These handgun cufflinks will make the perfect gift or addition to your cufflink collection. Calgary Cufflinks Christmas 2016"
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Sale! chinese dragon cufflinks
Chinese Dragon Cufflinks
[juiz_sps buttons="facebook, twitter, google, pinterest, mail"] Chinese cultural use of dragons in one of the longest in history and probably the most promamant. These cufflinks represent the Chinese characters (hanzi) for dragon. The English pronounciation of these characters is similar to "long." If you have a love for exploring different cultures or a general interest in dragons then these cufflinks will find a perfect place on your cuffs. Calgary Cufflinks Christmas 2016"
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Monte Durham Cufflinks Calgary Canada
Monte Durham of “Say Yes to the Dress” paid us a visit today (Sept. 7, 2014) and picked out a pair of our Canada Flag cufflinks. Monte is a gentlemen in all respects. (At the Bliss Bridal Show in Calgary)


Our mission is two-fold: one, to provide you with unique cufflinks that allow you to make a statement or express your personal identity. So if you love anything from golf, guns, and gears to airplanes, sailing, or poker – we have the perfect cufflink for you. Don’t forget, cufflinks make the perfect Christmas gift for you husband, father, boyfriend, boss, or coworker!

We will also strive to provide you with the best quality cufflinks at the most affordable prices. We won’t mark up our cufflinks like the department stores, men’s specialty stores, or even other websites.

  1. We even give free shipping on cufflink orders of $50 or more.
  2. For each cufflink set you buy, we will give you a set of collar stays!
  3. You get a nice cufflink box with each set.
  4. Our prices are in Canadian dollars! That will save you almost 10% from buying from a US cufflink shop.

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